A new look for ICAE’s Catalyst

The power of ICAE’s Exchange is in providing a forum where regulators and industry consumer affairs professionals can interact informally to discuss best practices and industry insights.  This edition of the Catalyst has been revamped to reflect the regulator-industry interaction—rather than the chronological progression of the Exchange.

This new look will provide attendees with at-a-glance information and non-attending members with some of the highlights that made the 2015 ICAE Exchange one of the best ever.

The 2015 Sections:

  • Regulator Insights
    • ICAE Exchange—real results
    • Rhode Island Welcome
    • NAIC—Consumer Information Source
    • Regulator Showcase:  Ask the Regulator
  • Professional Growth
    • Skills and Strategies for a Successful Business Exchange and Communications Workshop
    • Case Studies Workshop
  • Industry Best Practices
    • Amica shares Consumer Services and Service Delivery Best Practices
    • P & C Breakout Session—juried topics for best practices discussion
    • Life & Health Breakout Session
    • Member Showcase—Dispute Resolution
  • Real-time Insights—Panel discussions
    • Complaint Files—Dos and Don’ts
    • Market Conduct—The Path of a Complaint
  • Vendor Voice
    • Eccentex
  • The Big Reveal
    • 2016 Exchange Information

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