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Lois Alexander, NAIC professional, dog rescuer, china collector and lover of Paris, led us on a tour of complaint tracking.  This session showcased the NAIC’s Consumer Information Source (CIS) with regulators present to provide on-the-spot insights.

(Lois Alexander, Market Regulation Manager, NAIC
(Lois Alexander, Market Regulation Manager, NAIC

The CIS was created to collate and display company complaint, financial (from public sources) and contact data.  The information is sorted by company and state, and provides consumers (and media) with important insights on any company so that prior to purchasing an insurance product or service, accurate third-party information is available.

Regarding complaint gathering
On the CIS, only aggregate complaint information is shown and complaint data is held confidential, unless subpoenaed. More than 180,000 complaints are submitted to the NAIC annually. When the data is crunched, it can actually provide valuable insights for companies as well as consumers.  The site even provides aggregate trend reports, with a top 10 reasons list—although the report is national, companies can compare to internal reports to target improvement areas and help reconcile internal data.

Product-specific complaint process
To bring the discussion from theory to reality, Ms. Alexander reviewed specifically the form that NAIC uses to work through Affordable Care Act (ACA) specific complaints.  This form works through all information of the complaint and, interestingly, provides input areas for state-specific information (such as variances in coding for mapping).

NAIC provides reports by trend, state, by code and by ratio.  Again, using ACA complaints as an example, more than four pages of codes have been added to facilitate reporting.

Tour of CIS
The CIS provides information by a variety of fields, but not all companies are required to report (determined by state law). Accessed via the NAIC website, this easy-to-navigate site provides input search engines so that public information can be easily accessed.  The site includes important data about companies that consumers will find useful before purchasing products from a company in addition to providing a venue for complaints.

This site is an incredible resource for consumers, companies, DOIs and anyone interacting with the insurance industry who wants at-a-glance information about a company or the business environment for insurance by state.

Given the vast amount of data available via the site, Alexander encouraged all participants to search the site to know what’s available to the public about their company.  Those who have questions about NAIC’s CIS were encouraged to contact Lois Alexander at NAIC.

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