Complaints: Providing Opportunities for Change

Diana Olson, Complaint Manager, Ethics & Compliance, held the coveted position of last speaker, last day.  Undeterred, her presentation, Complaints:  Providing Opportunities for Change, riveted the audience as she led the group through CUNA’s proactive resolution process for complaints.

Establishing the process
CUNA sells insurance through a distribution system of credit unions—and her complaint department consists of two individuals.  Ms. Olson has developed a process for getting complaint data to flow through CUNA—ensuring that each complaint can get to the right people, who know the right thing to do at the right time.  Here’s how she did it:

Complaints processed as opportunity
By complaint, her team works to identify which business units must be informed of the complaint—this can be one to multiple units—from product managers to legal to legislative affair, the combinations are endless and are dictated by each individual complaint. Then, players identified, as a team, they get to work to resolve the complaint.

From there, an action plan is distilled via discovery, review and information gathering.  Once all data is gathered, the complaint will be escalated and researched further.  By creating this strong information flow (from huddles to hugs) throughout the company, clear benefits are distilled—for the consumer and for the company.   When the level of complaint is assessed as severe, a detailed action plan is established by the complaint processing team (both of them) work to establish the action plan.

What’s an OpperAction?
In CUNA-speak, the OpperAction is the term for a detailed complaint follow-up plan. CUNA is committed to handling all complaints professionally.  However, some are an opportunity to take stronger action. At CUNA, after discovery is completed,  and if the complaint is determined to be a systemic or ongoing issue, the team creates an OpperAction to determine root cause and scope.  From there, a detailed follow-up plan is recommended.

Labor-intensive, but worth it
This complaint-resolution process has  good executive support.  As a result of that support, the process has achieved strong integration within CUNA with product managers and business leaders now working closely with the complaint group on new product rollouts to report trends and information.

Added benefit? This system provides a significant connect-the-dots-flow to positively position CUNA with regulators and consumers as a carrier working to do the right thing—by turning complaints into a corporate-wide opportunity.

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Diana Olson
Compliance Manager
CUNA Mutual Group
5910 Mineral Point Rd.
Madison, WI  53705

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