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Past Events

ICAE Exchanges have featured presentations from top industry experts, including the Insurance Commissioners from nearly every state hosting the conference. Specialists from outside the insurance industry have also offered insight on such issues as: 1.1 Marketing, Cybersecurity issues, Total Quality, Making the Most of the Media, Change Management, Social Media, Consumer Privacy, Customer Focus, The Internet, Educating Consumers and other topics to help members serve consumers more effectively.

Member Showcases have been extremely popular mainstays of Exchange agendas, profiling best practices at specific ICAE member companies, and dialogue sessions between regulators and insurance company representatives have identified common ground as well as areas that need further discussion. White papers have been compiled and submitted based on information gathered during and after ICAE Exchanges. 

Some of the industry experts who have headlined past ICAE Exchanges:

Date Title Location
November 2021

September 2019

October 2018

October 2017

ICAE Presents the 2021 Virtual Exchange – Videos available under EVENTS

Exchange – Achieving Mile High Performance

Exchange – Charting the Course of Change

Exchange [1] – Insurance Consumer Affairs – Building Bridges Between Insurers, Regulators & Consumers


Boulder, Colorado

Sanibel, Florida

Pittsburgh, PA

October 2016 Exchange – Insurance Consumer Affairs – Big (but it’s not) Easy New Orleans, LA
October 2015 Exchange [2] – Increase Your Creative Capitol Providence, RI
October 2014 Exchange [3] – Waves of Change: Oceans of Opportunity Newport Beach, CA
October 2013 Exchange [4] – ICAE – Navigating Our Future Ft. Myers, FL
October 2012 Exchange [5] – ICAE – Remember the Customer San Antonio, TX
September 2011 Exchange [6] – ICAE Hospitality: Showing Consumers We Care — Southern Style Charleston, SC
March 2011 Roundtable [7] – Social Media That You May Not Give a Twit About…Yet Columbus, GA
September 2010 Exchange [8] – Listening to Consumers in Today’s World Chicago, IL
October 2009 Exchange [9] – The Gateway to Consumer Satisfaction St. Louis, MO
April 2009 Roundtable [10] – Surviving the Perfect Customer Care Storm:  Let the Voice of the Customer be Your Guide Mayfield Village, OH
October 2008 Exchange [11] – Building on the Foundations of Insurance Williamsburg, VA
April 2008 Roundtable [12] – Complaint Data Analysis/Trending: How this Data is Used Indianapolis, IN
October 2007 Exchange [13] – Finding Your Way in the World of Insurance San Diego, CA
April 2007 Roundtable [14] – Bridging the Uniformity Gap: The Journey Continues… Columbus, OH
October 2006 Exchange [15] – The Changing Landscape of Insurance Santa Fe, NM
April 2006 Roundtable [16] – Your CAT Survival Guide to Customer Satisfaction Chicago, IL
October 2005 Exchange [17] – The Spirit Of Customer Service – Facing The Future Nashville, TN
April 2005 Roundtable [18] – Uniformity And Consistency Across Industries And States Columbus, OH
October 2004 Exchange [19] – Putting a Brand on Customer Care San Antonio, TX
October 2003 Exchange [20] – WINDS OF CHANGE: Steering Customer Relations annual Exchange Sanibel, FL
April 2003 Roundtable [21] – Insurers & Consumers: Rebuilding a Landscape of Trust St. Louis, MO
September 2002 Exchange [22] – ICAE: Taking Consumer Relations Sky High Boulder, CO
April 2002 Roundtable [23] – Beyond 9/11/2001: Sharing the Lessons Learned Columbus, OH
August 2001 Exchange [24] – Customer Service Never Sleeps New York, NY
September 2000 Exchange [25] – Exchange – Fitting the Pieces Together Newport Beach, CA
March 2000 Exchange [26] – Best Practices Savannah, GA
October 1999 Exchange [27] – Consumers & Insurers: Forming a More Perfect Union Washington, DC
April 1999 Exchange [28] – The New Frontier in Service and Quality Dallas, TX