ICAE Dallas Spring 1999 Exchange – P & C Breakout Session

P& C Breakout Session – Complaint Tracking/Handling


Contact person important to the Insurance Departments

  • Service More Control/involvement by Customer Relations
  • Claim More control/involvement by claim
  • Underwriting More control by underwriters
  • Act as an appellate court for the appeal
  • Keep business units involved
  • Proofread letters


  • Very important to Regulators to know what company with in the group is involved(include in response)
  • Identifying NAAIC #
  • Important for complaints to identify not only company but also line of business
  • Let Insurance Departments know if acting as TPA
  • Keep SIU issues separate
  • Mark confidential
  • Call
  • Don’t put confidential information or mention it in cover letter
  • Be more specific about why mistake happened or what corrective action was taken


  • Ad hoc reporting (zip code, function, state)
  • Feedback requested by management
  • Performance related negative/positives
  • In the process of tracking – look for positive results
  • Look for what complaints are preventable/justified
  • Look at complaint stats to see if local competition is involved
  • Share information with agents & adjusters
  • Email complaints to Insurance Dept. considered written
  • Email complaints to co – ok handled by phone
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